EBO FOR Schools

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Enhancing Brain Organisation (EBO) - Created by BrainChild.

A streamed, neurodevelopmental program whose serious purpose seems like play, with animated characters leading the fun.  The video-game-style presentation propels the children through an adventure storyline that captures and inspires them to fully engage, stimulating positive neurological change.

Specific energetic action with calming collaboration works at a deep level to establish enduring improvements in learning and coping with life.

The 3-term program provides:
  • CPD training videos
  • Wellbeing interventions
  • 5 levels of exciting action.
  • An illustrated manual
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BrainChild Developmental Program

The Neurodiversity specialists
Since 2005, we have provided bespoke neurodevelopmental programs for wonderful young people, fine-tuned to match each individual’s needs. At this deep level, their brain function can mature, releasing them from limitations left over from babyhood.

Positive progress in all areas of learning and behaviour can release each child to thrive.

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Website: https://www.brainchild.org.uk