LGfL: The National Grid for Learning

Stand number: 189

Founded by London local authorities as a Grid for Learning, today LGfL are a multi award-winning charity focussed on enabling the digital transformation of education across the UK.

Our mission is the advancement of education and our ambition is that UK schools lead the world in digital innovation enabling children to achieve more whilst schools spend less.

LGfL is uniquely positioned to help because, as a charity, any profit is reinvested back into a wider portfolio of products and resources for schools.

Many of our resources and services to support educators are available, nationwide, free of charge with some premium content included in our schools’ subscription.

Our passions are to:
  • Tackle inequality
  • Promote wellbeing
  • Keep children safe
  • Energise teaching and learning 
  • Save schools money

LGfL is committed to promoting inclusion for all and our IncludED service spearheads these efforts by offering training, resources and sharing best practice for those with SEND, EAL learners and by promoting good practice for mental health and wellbeing. We are committed to working with the inclusion community and partner organisations to make UK education the most inclusive and accessible in the world.  Visit https://NGfL.net to find out more.