Reducing stress and anxiety through sense and sensibility

07 October 2022 14:00 - 15:00

This seminar will explain the neurophysiology behind the subjective feeling of anxiety and stress that many adolescents experience. We have developed a model for working with the feeling of stress and anxiety that combines the biological, psychological, and social dimensions and how to work with these to promote better mental health in children and adolescents. We will present a hands-on approach to dealing with stress and anxiety.

All Key stages
Level 1-3

Early bird rate: £17 (+VAT) until 30 July 2022 / Full rate: £20 (+VAT)

Charlotte Bjerregaard, Clinical Psychologist, Familiepsykologisk Praksis

Pernille Thomsen, Physiotherapist/Master of Health and Education/Associate, PernilleFys