Science Literacy Toolbox for post-16 students

09 October 2021 12:30 - 13:30

The seminar will be a lively, interactive, practical presentation which will unlock many innovative tools and strategies from Susie’s Science Literacy Toolbox. These tools will empower children with SEND to equip themselves with the skills they require to understand and use complex scientific terminology in a fun and engaging way. Susie will showcase innovative, tried and tested, easy-to-replicate strategies she has developed in curriculum support on a one-to-one basis, and large groups in the classroom setting at The Sixth Form College, Farnborough.

Key stages 1-5
Level 1-3

Early bird rate: £17 (+VAT) until Friday 30th July 2021 / Full rate: £20 (+VAT)

Dr Susie Nyman, Curriculum Manager for Health and Social Care, The Sixth Form College, Farnborough