How mind-mapping supports SEND, teaching & learning

09 October 2021 11:45 - 12:30

Instructional advances have given way to some exciting learning strategies which can be extremely beneficial to Neurodiverse students and working professionals. One strategy in particular is mind mapping. Adopted by over 75% of UK Universities, 2000+ schools in France, K-12 in the USA, and businesses across the world,  MindView is the industry leading mind mapping software for assistive and academic purposes.

MindView has been designed to help visual thinkers create impressive written assignments and presentations. The smooth transition from a Mind-Map to Word and PowerPoint means students can make powerful, formatted documents ready for assessment.

The added assistive technology software functionality, including text-to-speech, dictation, predictive text, and audio notes make MindView the ideal for supporting learners with SEND.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how the hierarchy and sequence of a Mind Map can support structuring thoughts and ideas
  • Learn how visual cues such as images and colour help to improve memory recall strategies
  • Learn how Mind Mapping can improve extended writing outcomes for Neurodiverse Learners
  • Learn how Assistive Technology can be used within a mainstream setting to benefit all learners
Suitable for Key Stage 4 - 5
Free to attend