Lessons from the pandemic: digital inclusion in schools

09 October 2021 13:45 - 14:30

At system level and in the classroom we need inclusive thinking to shape education culture, and inclusive teaching to improve educational outcomes.

The education system has experienced huge change, particularly with two school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst challenging, this period has shown the potential of online delivery and how pupils with SEND can engage in digital learning. We have learnt how digital tools can enhance the interactions online, especially through tailored interventions such as 1:1 tuition provided by Equal Education.  

As schools return from the pandemic, Margaret will explore insights from the pandemic and talk about the need for mainstream schools to embrace a hybrid approach that appreciates and accommodates digital skills in the classroom.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain insights into the lessons of online learning for pupils with SEND
  • Understand interventions and approaches that are successful in improving outcomes for learners with SEND
  • Understand the need to embrace digital skills in the future of mainstream education
Suitable for all Key Stages
Free to attend

Margaret Mulholland, Project Director for Whole School SEND, EEF