Sponsors and Partners

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities at the Tes SEND Show, please contact sales manager Robbany Khan.

If you're interested in a media partnership with the Tes SEND Show, please contact Helen Longhurst.


Headline Sponsor


There is a problem for autistic students in education
Cubbie – Personalised Sensory Regulation (PSR) helps solve it!
Predictably and reliably in 5 – 15 minutes

Students spend more time not just been included but participating
and less managing their sensory needs

Cubbie – Personalised Sensory Regulation (PSR) is distinguished by being a digital, software-driven quick, easy-to-use, immersive personal space of sound and vision, free from disruption and wheelchair friendly.

David, the founder, had little experience with autism until two of his daughters were diagnosed. He set out to use technology to better help them and all autistic and neurodiverse people than the commonly accepted, traditional analogue sensory room.​


Inclusive Technology Partner


At Texthelp, we believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood. Everyone’s brain works differently. We don’t all read, write and think in the same way. We create technology that helps build confidence at school with reading, writing and maths. 

For schools, colleges and universities, our products work together to build an environment where everything is easier to understand. Students have simple toolbars for help with reading and writing. They include things like text-to-speech, predictive spelling or grammar, picture dictionaries, and much more. And there’s one specifically for maths that helps with typing equations, remembering the symbols, and taking maths from pencil and paper to the computer. Teachers can edit PDFs to create worksheets, assign work, and provide feedback and comments in any format. 

Our products have already helped millions of students. And we’re ready to help millions more.


Tes SEN Show Poetry Competition Partner

Scanning Pens

Give students the confidence to read independently in and out of their exams! Scanning Pens provide reading aids for those with Special Educational Needs / SpLD as well as those wishing to improve their literacy. Scanning Pens is the world’s leading supplier of pen scanners. Our Exam Reader is JCQ approved and therefore NO Access Arrangements are required. Our pens have been successful in numerous schools and colleges in the UK!


Event Partners

Autism Eye

Sign up to FREE digital subscriptions from Autism Eye. Receive an information-packed, award-winning quarterly magazine and monthly e-newsletter full of essential reading for anyone working with or living with individuals on the autism spectrum. Read about education, therapies, resources, legal issues, books and much more – all free of charge!



At NAHT, we support and grow communities of like-minded professionals, from aspiring leaders through to middle, senior and retired leaders. 

Our unrivalled professional and personal development paths, expertise and legal protection will support both you and your career journey. 

We do this in the following ways:

  • Providing you with expert resources, information and guidance on up-to-date key issues, and access to a like-minded community of more than 40,000 members
  • Inviting you to bespoke conferences where you have the opportunity to share experiences with each other, listen to key educational leadership topics and join debates with your peers and seniors
  • Ensuring you have dedicated legal protection and advice from specialist advisers (including employment matters)
  • Delivering a focused and respected voice through lobbying and consultation with key decision makers.


SEN Magazine

Share best practice, discover useful tips for parents and professionals, and read expert articles on supporting children and young people with SEN. The UK’s leading special educational needs magazine will also keep you up to date with the latest SEN news, products, services and CPD opportunities.